Spot Wholesale Acrylic Anti-Scratch Protection Film

Proteggi la tua merce con il nostro film protettivo anti-graffio acrilico in vendita all'ingrosso. Siamo una fabbrica specializzata nella produzione di pellicole protettive di alta qualità.
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Informazioni di Base.

Model No.
Wallis-Acrylic Sheet
Resistenza Alla Trazione
Pacchetto di Trasporto
PE Film, Kraft Paper, Then Pallet
Codice SA
Capacità di Produzione
700 Ton/Month

Descrizione del Prodotto

Spot Wholesale Acrylic Anti-Scratch Protection Film
Spot Wholesale Acrylic Anti-Scratch Protection Film
Spot Wholesale Acrylic Anti-Scratch Protection Film
Spot Wholesale Acrylic Anti-Scratch Protection Film
Spot Wholesale Acrylic Anti-Scratch Protection Film
  •  Acrylic sheet is a great alternative to fragile glass and ideal materials for DIY, to make light box, pet ID tag, display stand, sun visor, table top, switch panel of boat, home decoration, and it's excellent application for painting, advertising and photography. 
  •  Every plexiglass is covered with protective paper on its 2 surfaces, and every package is covered with soft thin foam as well as 4 corner protectors, which offers considerate protection to make sure no scratches or cracks during transportation, so you will receive an intact product.
  • STRONG OPERABILITY:ANGELIOX acrylic panels will work with many power tools,such as Cricut,laser cutter,mitre saw,table saw and etc.,With strong operability,easily bore holes with a electric drill or cut with a table saw,mitre saw, jigsaw, laser cutter or rotary tools for smooth, polished edges.No melting,no scorch makes or burns during laser engraving.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: These cast acrylic sheets can be widely used,good for DIY made and professional projects,perfectly for making DIY picture/art display case,Jewelry box,refrigerator calendar,working as drawing board for DIY painting and used for signage boards,replacing a broken glass picture frame,ideal for used in home decor or various parties decor, you will love these multi-purpose acrylic squares.
  • WARM TIPS & GUARANTEED:Please remove the protective paper films which are cover on both of acrylic panels to reveal clear acrylic/plexiglass before using.And kindly warmly tips,although we have packed the item well as possible as we can, If receives the item are not in a good condition or any unhappy with the purchasing, please contact us for support,we promise provide every customer for zero-risk purchasing.
Project Test method Result
Transmissivity Over 90% 91.5
Haze Under 1% 0.2
Pedncil Hardness Pencil hardness tester 3H ,4H ,5H ,6H
Surface resistance Surface resistance machine 106~108Ω/cm2
R.C.A Test 175g,50-200 rounds Pass
Adhesion Cross cut test 100/100
Thermal shock test -40ºC/45min, 85ºC/85min, 27 rounds Pass
Heat and humidity test 85ºC, 85RH, 72 hours Pass
Salt tolerance 35ºC, 5%, Sodium chloride water, 48 hours Pass
Chemical resistance alcoho 500g,250 rounds Pass
Ideal for making clear display case, Jewelry box,refrigerator calendar.
Ideal for working as table protector, drawing board
Ideal for using for a signage boards


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